Blue-i News

6th Apr

RoomScan App

It's been a while since we've done an app feature but RoomScan from Locometric seemed worth talking about. Ever been to a site visit and forgotten your laser measure? This handy app enables you to create a floor plan using your phone! We've not been able to verify the measurements yet but at £3.99 it's worth trying it out!  

21st Jan

Electric Showcase

The Electric Showcase will be running from 2pm till 8pm on the 13th of March so please drop in any time to see us. A showcase of some of the latest Audio Visual techniques for events will run periodically throughout the day while you enjoy complimentary food and drinks.  Why not take the opportunity to explore the many and diverse venue spaces at The Mermaid, one of London's hottest venues! We're looking forward to seeing you there! Register by clicking on the invitation below: Experience The River Rooms, fantastic spaces for all manner of events. The river views are sure to impress, creating the perfect background for an event in the heart of London....

31st Mar

March App of the Month

After a blistering start to spring, we've managed to squeeze in an App for March. This months feature addresses the thing we all hate almost as much as root canal......filing our expenses! Introducing Abukai Expenses , a nifty platform which aims to seriously reduce the time we spend rummaging through crumpled reciepts. Simpy take a picture of your reciepts to store them in digital format, and Abukai will generate an expense report for you including all relevant details and even deal with exchange rates. The nice folk at Abukai can even taylor the report to your company's current Excel format! While not the cheapest app on the market, the time and hassle saved...

21st Feb

February App of the Month

Now that we've all got over our indulgent festive frolicking , the trousers are starting to fit a little better and the cold wet fish of a busy workload has well and truly slapped us in the face, it's time to look at productivity in this months App. Asana was created by former Google and Facebook alum Justin Rosenstein and Facebook cofounder Dustin Moskovitz. It's main appeal to us is as a platform for streamlining the process of task allocation within teams. Teams of up to 30 people can each sysnc with other members free of charge , asign tasks directly and recieve live updates and completion status. The potential for Event production...

15th Jan

January App of the Month

A very Happy New Year to you from all of us at Blue-i! We have a real treat for you in Januarys App of the Month blog to kick start 2014.......if you've not already been introduced to The Room by Fireproof Games  then stop what you're doing and dowload it immediately! The Room has been furnished with a veritable shopping list of awards including App Stores Game of the Year 2012 and a Bafta from the British Academy Games Awards. Now there is The Room 2, equally acclaimed and equally addictive! Both games lead you into a delightful world of mystery and problem solving with well thought out puzzles...

11th Dec

December App of the Month

Well we're feeling pretting Christmassy in the Blue-i offices and it seems inevitable that this month's app will be Xmas themed..... so let's not mess about and go for Elf Yourself by Office Max. The clue is in the name: use photos from your photo gallery or Facebook library to populate the elves blank faces and watch you and your friends/work colleagues/pets/postman do a groovy little dance in full elf getup. Once you've completed your elves, upload the masterpiece to social media so that everybody can enjoy!

8th Nov

November App of the Month

Autumn is well and truly here and this months app has been inpired by trying to be more productive whilst killing time on cold train platforms waiting for the wrong kind of leaves/wind/rain to remove themselves from the track. Skitch - from the people who brought you Evernote is a nifty little platform that enables users to annotate and edit pictures / screenshots and PDFs etc which can then be sent on and shared in any way you like. A scenario that immediately springs to mind is the site visit where, for example,  you can take a picture of the venue space or greenfield site and immediately annotate with arrows and text showing...

9th Oct

App of the Month

In this regular post we'll endeavor to introduce you to a new app every month chosen either for it's usefulness to the event industry or just plain cool factor as a gadget in it's own right. This months app is the PA Bible from Mark Edmondson   This handy app is essentially a comprehensive library of PA speaker boxes and associated tools. you can view the whole range of speakers as pictures and upon clicking on the speaker you want you get access to weights, dimensions, frequency range and dispersion among other useful info. Handy for audio engineers and technicians but also...

23rd Sep

New App a Useful Tool for Events?  Take a look at this new app developed by Sharp that uses augmented reallity to allow you to visualize a new TV in you house. Depending on the accuracy it's possible that this could be useful for venue site visits when placing displays for corporate events.....