February App of the Month

21st February 2014

Now that we've all got over our indulgent festive frolicking , the trousers are starting to fit a little better and the cold wet fish of a busy workload has well and truly slapped us in the face, it's time to look at productivity in this months App.

Asana was created by former Google and Facebook alum Justin Rosenstein and Facebook cofounder Dustin Moskovitz. It's main appeal to us is as a platform for streamlining the process of task allocation within teams. Teams of up to 30 people can each sysnc with other members free of charge , asign tasks directly and recieve live updates and completion status. The potential for Event production teams is obvious: Using this patform to create a project or event workspace, assign crew members to that workspace and assign tasks to crew while in turn receiving tasks in real time. Cutting out the middle man and the time walking around the venue chasing tails is the reward here, and asside from loosing the holiday midriff, i'm sure we could all do with less time pacing the backstage corridoors. For more information on Asana go to https://asana.com/product

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