Flagship Products

Here at Blue-i our clients benefit from our continual investment in the latest high specification equipment. Although this is not intended to be a comprehensive list of our inventory, we try to keep details of the very best updated below!

Panasonic PT DZ21K

The Panasonic PT-DZ21K 3 chip DLP Projector brings 20,000 lumens HD resolution and a host of amazing features packed into an extremely compact and lightweight body. The PT-DZ21K's new 4 × 465 watt high power quad lamp system and the new dynamic iris achieves a high contrast ratio of 10,000:1 and ensures excellent image quality. Blue i units also have in-built Geometric Software allowing full warping as well as Active 3D imaging facility.

Panasonic DZ13K

The unique optical engine in Panasonic’s PT-DZ13K WUXGA projector produces 12,000 lumens of brightness. With it's high picture quality, processing flexibility and New Geometric Adjustment on board it's an ideal model for a wide variety of applications.




The PANASONIC PT-DW10000 HD PROJECTOR offers high resolution, crisp images and fantastic colour rendition – A brilliant addition to the Blue i fleet.



LED Absen A3 Image

Blue-i can supply LED Video Walls in a wide range of resolutions for any size. Our latest addition to the fleet, the Absen A3 Pro, boasts an impressive 3.9mm pixel pitch, 2500:1 colour contrast and high refresh rate. This high performance video wall is quick to assemble, light and delivers stunning image quality from close range.





Catalyst V5

Catalyst V5 is an image processing system that provides the facilities to control and manipulate high resolution (HD & 4K) movies, live camera, or images for playback through any number of video projection or LED screen devices. Anyone familier with this technology will know it for it's incredible manipulation of content, in the right hands this system delivers unbelievable results and lets your creativity run wild!

Photon Media Server.png

The Photon Media Server from VYV is a seriously powerful unit, designed for event concept delivery with no compromises. Using this server we can map blended image content onto moving objects in real time, with videos and graphics shown in incredible resolutions, completely uncompressed!



Stumpfl Wings.png

The Wings Engine Media Server from Stumfl has been hailed as the world’s first and only multi-stream 4K uncompressed media server.

Automatic camera based soft edge and warping calibration, native and uncompressed media playback in 4K, 3D content mapping, live input/camera/presentation signal processing and control and multi-channel audio playback and control are just some of this servers extensive attributes with virtually no resolution and content limitations!!!!


Blue Pro 4K Hub 2

Media playback and show control is a key part of what we do and we pride ourselves in designing and building our own Media server solutions with unparalleled flexibility to accommodate for any complex requirements.

Our latest system design and build project sees the addition of the brand new custom designed Blue-Pro 4K Hub. Unlike our previous media servers this piece of engineering allows up to 32 x HD destinations or 8 x UHD (4K) destinations or half that number with full redundancy built in. In addition to this the rack comes with extensive and advanced show control solutions with the capability of controlling a wide array of equipment in all thinkable formats and languages.


Sony HXC 100 Picture.png

Our Blue-i HD Camera PPUs (Portable Production Units) are designed to be compact whilst including vision mixer and HD monitors in a single flight case .We've built them to be compact and highly versatile, capable of supporting large camera shoots for both recording and live footage on screen. The Blue-i HD PPU is internet ready and perfect for web streaming.



The ‘Q-Ball’ is the latest in HD/SD Pan and Tilt camera system combining both appearance and performance in the smallest package currently available .The ‘Q-Ball’ incorporates a built in 10x zoom optical lens and smooth accelerating pan/tilt motors in a sturdy fully weatherproof aluminium sphere with a diameter of 115 mm/4.5in.

 Recently used by us in many events where discretion and integrity is a major requirement, the Q Ball units have been the ideal choice for HD images where size really is important.


BARCO PDS902 Switcher

The PDS-902 Switcher from Barco provides simultaneous program output via the DVI and analog connectors. In addition to the program output, the PDS-902 offers a preview with the same or different resolution than the program output. This feature gives great flexibility for our clients live events.


Yamaha CL3

Our fleet of Yamaha Digital Mixing Consoles combine excellent audio quality, extensive functionality and flexibility with the solid reliability the industry has come to expect from the Yamaha brand. These industry standard desks also boast a small footprint, perfect for hiding behind set.





DB Q7 Speaker

Our stock of D&B speaker systems driven by D12 amplification will suit a wide range of applications. Each system is designed by our audio engineers for optimum coverage of the venue space.





Our extnsive Lighting inventory covers LED Parcans to Martin Macs and moving heads and our lighting desks include brands names such as Avolites Pearl and Zero 88. Lighting packages are available in 4, 6, 12, 24 and 36 way systems including control and for larger events our LD's are on hand to deliver fantastic lighting designs.



Exterity IPTV

IPTV: Unlike traditional systems, Exterity can supply an unlimited number of high-definition channels to as many guests as you please. TV and video channels can be delivered wherever there’s a network connection, to personal computers, standard TVs, digital AV projectors, interactive whiteboards, digital signage, or any other video display device. You can add channels, displays and users virtually without limit, with no impact on picture quality, and Exterity’s AvediaServer Director, a multi-user building IPTV management system, gives you fine-grained control over what content is available, where it can be displayed, and who can see it.

  • Deliver live camera coverage of events to concession areas
  • Create a personalised TV and video experience for guests in hospitality suites
  • Provide visitor information, concession advertising, announcements of scheduled events, and emergency information via digital signage
  • Advertise future events for increased ticket sales
  • Support kiosks for self-service ticket sales
  • Easily accommodate meeting room overflow with live video
  • Record meetings for later distribution or sale