LED Video Wall

Lenovo Photo 3.9mm LED Wall KIA ICC Conference Picture Skoda Displays inside Pavilion

LED video walls can really give your event the impact that you're looking for.

As a large bright canvas, LED can be used in a number of ways both indoor and outdoor such as delivering event content in brightly lit environments where projection isn't an option, as a backdrop to a live act, IMAG screens for large venues or repeater screens for sporting events.

Pixel pitches can be mixed creatively to add texture and focus to video content and presentations, transparent panels can be used in conjunction with lighting to create ambience and content can be mapped for use with three dimensional LED structures.

LED is a powerful tool for events and imagination is key, we can assist in devising innovative ways of using this product to help your event stand out.

We're delighted to announce the addition of our new ultra high resolution 3.9mm Absen LED video wall, viewing is highly recommended so call us today to arrange a demonstration at our warehouse!