Theatre Technology

theatre technology

At Blue-i we understand that the world of theatre is unique and calls for a dedicated approach.

Blue-i Theatre Technology is run by our team of highly experienced individuals, chosen for their passion for the theatre industry.

Large or small, whether it’s a touring show or a one night spectacular, we will design our systems to integrate seamlessly with the particulars of each performance. We know it’s not always about the technology ( sigh ) and our experts are there to ensure that your show is augmented rather than taken over.

When it is about the tech, our team has access to an outstanding inventory of the very latest equipment and we love to sit down to discuss interesting show concepts, suggesting new ideas for using this technology creatively and helping you to deliver the impact you’re looking for to delight your audiences night after night.

To discuss your requirements, even at the very early stages of production, please get in touch.

Blue-i Theatre Technology Projects