Presenter Aid Systems

6 Jul 2017


Presenters have a tough job at events, particularly if they are more used to running a company than speaking to 300 people in an auditorium. Being both informative and engaging is a skill that takes time, but can be made easier by having the right support on stage.

At Blue-i we’ve considered the difficulties faced by speakers and moderators in the modern conference, often needing to have several different content sources to hand. We’ve developed a presenter aid system whereby the speaker can select any of their content sources to be displayed on a monitor at the touch of a button.

The system is small, consisting of a discrete box showing large LCD buttons which are user defined and each select one of several inputs. The output of the box can be routed to a small display on a lectern or a confidence monitor on the floor. In this way, a presenter can select various sources – two or three different laptops perhaps, and display each in turn during their presentation.

The presenter is then able to cue their support at their own speed and focus on one monitor for all necessary prompt.

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