Baxter Conference

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A great example of curved screen projection at Baxter's Driving Leadership in Healthcare conference

Photograph courtesy of Nick Todd    

This well designed event at the Hilton Wembley, produced by WRG headed & up by Richard McCabe is a great example of using projection to enhance the audience experience. The conference for Baxter entitled Driving Leadership in Healthcare utilised a 13.6m widescreen in a curved design, concave to the audience.

    To tackle the shape of the screen with rear projection we allocated 4 X 21K Panasonic projectors with Encore control to achieve a bright, high resolution blended edge image, mapped to follow the curvature of the screen. The results were stunning, creating a superb viewing angle for all and wrapping the graphics and content around the presenters with a distinct focal point at the speaker’s position.

    The 3 day event in January 2014 was a huge success and we’d like to thank WRG for involving us in this fantastic project.